UEFA started proceedings against Roma because of the appearance of the DNR flag in the stands

UEFA opened a case against as Roma due to the flag of the self-proclaimed DND, which appeared on the stands during the match of 1/8 Champions League against Shakhtar Donetsk in Rome. This was announced by the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko.

“The football Federation of Ukraine is grateful to UEFA for the quick response and the start of production regarding the appearance in the stands of the forbidden symbolics of the Pro-Russian terrorist groups fighting against Ukraine at the Donbass. Together, we must do everything possible so that such incidents do not occur on the matches that are held under the auspices of the FFU, UEFA and FIFA. We also hope that in the future, such symbolism will be officially banned FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe – ed.). We are not allowed to use football to promote terrorism, extremism and discrimination” – quoted Pavelko website of the FFU.

The Committee UEFA will consider the issue on may 31.

UFF sent a request to open disciplinary proceedings on the fact of appearance of banned items for match on 16 March and 29 March turned to the FARE, fighting racism and xenophobia, with a request to include symbolics of the terrorist organizations DPR and LPR into the list of prohibited for demonstrations at football matches.

Earlier it was reported that the FFU disqualified for life 18 players for participation in matches in the DNI.

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