The Catholicos of all Armenians urged protesters and police to show restraint

Yerevan. April 19. INTERFAX – the Spiritual authorities of Armenia expressed concern over the mass protests against the appointment of ex-President of the Republic Serzh Sargsyan to the post of Prime Minister.

“We Express our concern about the situation, which violates the natural course of social life. Every citizen has his vision and can Express their approaches to legal means, freely realizing their civil rights. However, this does not imply the retreat of love and sanity, violation of the rights of others, moreover, the threat to the lives of others”, – reads the statement of the Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II.

According to him, in the ranks of demonstrators, and the police – “children of our nation and the Church, and the outbreak of hatred and enmity, any collisions and violence are unacceptable and unaffordable”.

“We urge you to keep the sanity and restraint, law-abiding, to show mutual respect. Standing in front of the Home challenges are surmountable in the presence of solidarity, mutual understanding, shared responsibility and unity. Our country today needs such a manifestation of the spirit,” said Karekin II.

In Yerevan Monday held thousands of protests against the appointment of ex-President S. Sargsyan as Prime Minister. Demonstrators on 17 April blocked the centre of Yerevan, there were clashes between police and protesters that injured dozens of people.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that the Armenian police have taken to the various departments 100 demonstrators.

Several hundred demonstrators opposed to the appointment of Serzh Sargsyan head of government, held a procession through the streets of Yerevan. The procession was headed by the head of the opposition parliamentary faction “EFC” Nikol Pashinyan, as part of the demonstrators remained at government buildings located at the Republic square in downtown Yerevan.

On Thursday morning, the police began operations to liberate the entrances to all government buildings on Republic square in downtown Yerevan.