The accused men laugh in court for the teen girl shocking injury

Damien Grimsey, 23, and Eddie Wells, 30, giggled, and chatted during a Melbourne Magistrates court hearing on charges of stealing 18-year-old Taylor Hall car three months ago, Nine news reported.

The young man is accused also yelled at the female magistrate on Thursday, the hearing and tried to give her advice.

Taylor Hall was in his Renault cabriolet in south-east Melbourne suburb of Frankston on the 22nd of January, when two men allegedly tried to steal a police pursuit.

When Ms Taylor had tried to save her eight-month-old puppy, Luna, from the back seat of the car was dragged along the road carjackers.

Frankston car victim Taylor Hall. Photo: Facebook

Damien Grimsey to laugh in court.

Co-defendant Eddie Wells.

She was thrown from the vehicle when he hit the edge of a sidewalk, his face smacking the concrete.

Ms Hall, who suffered facial and leg injuries and required plastic surgery, he said later in hospital that the accident had happened “out of the blue”.

“They just jumped directly into our car, yelling at us to get out of the vehicle,” he told the Herald Sun.

“I did not think that the danger for myself until after I knew that the Moon was OK.

Taylor facial injuries required plastic surgery after the alleged car in which he had been dragged 50m.

Taylor Hall and his dog Luna who has tried to save before his Renault had been stolen during a police pursuit.

Nine news reported that Mr Grimsey and Mr Wells shook his hand as they entered the dock on Thursday to face charges for which the court has heard that there were 60 witnesses.

Mr Grimsey shouted the magistrate, “we need the right legal advice, but “Miss” and” audible “f***, the way it’s going, we’ll do ten years as a magistrate.”

The magistrate responded: “it is never helpful when you start talking with the magistrate”, to which Mr Grimsey said, “I speak my mind but”.

The defendant must return to court next month.

Ms Taylor shows some of the injuries that he received in a drive that ended when she had drifted into a concrete sidewalk.