A second life for metal: a Resident of Severodonetsk turns ragged metal into original sculptures

The resident of Severodonetsk Alexander Moiseenko called a Magician. This is not just an abbreviation of the surname, name and patronymic of a man creates from old metal unusual and complex sculptures.

Previously, Alexander was repairing motorcycles and engaged in “peaceful” techno-art. His first product he created ten years ago.

“I was repairing motorcycles, and remained defective parts, so I of them and made the first figure, it was the biker with the wheel,” he says.

When in the hometown started the fighting – man retrained and became a volunteer. Started repairing military equipment. And create memorabilia from the wreckage of enemy shells.

For his native city, he created hundreds of sculptures. Some of them were doing on private commissions, some just as a gift to the city. The sculptures the artists create with people in a good mood, next taking photos with them and children play.

Among the works of Alexander first manhole in the form of an anthill, which he replaced an ordinary concrete slab, lying where the manhole. Near the photo of another sculpture of a man – vintage camera, which passers-by from afar, mistaken for a real one. Separately made photo zone – a huge butterfly. He also made some big metal animals and insects. One of the most difficult works of Alexander peacock. It took more than 300 spoons.

“More than 12 million points of welding, a month and a half wild, monotonous work, here grab here otpraviti, here grab here otpraviti, to be honest, I’ve already cried over it,” he says.

Not all citizens, unfortunately, appreciate the work of Alexander – a sculpture of a dragon, for example, the vandals disfigured.

When the city came the war, Alexander became a volunteer. Your skills as a welder to use repairing technique CSKA. Repaired military truck, helped make the chargin ‘ targe, correcting the base frame of the gun. After the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass, the man expanded the theme of his works, began a series of “ATO-art”. Fragments of enemy shells in his hands turn into real masterpieces.

And the MAGICIAN has created and presented in various Ukrainian cities memorials. Among them, the monument “Cross of blood”, another – in the form of an arch, a copy of the corrupted tower of the Donetsk airport. Also made and gave the army more than 130 stoves.

The wizard does not boast. He is sure to start making changes and change society for the better, you need with yourself. And when discouraged – Alexander says the most important thing – their child. It gives him strength and inspiration to continue to do my job.