Shevchenko: the Final point in training I’m in, without me nothing is done

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko said that to be more a Manager than a coach for him – a nice compliment and explained why forbid players to use phones in the dining room.

I am pleased to hear that I think is more a Manager than a coach. Today the terms “coach” and “Manager” are combined into one. When people say that, I get a compliment. So, thank you. A compliment in the sense that I compare with the Manager. However, all of the training program and the preparatory part for me. I have assistants who give me info and then I make a decision. The final point I’m in, so without my consent, nothing is done.

If I see that the player is not trained properly when he is given the chance, and he doesn’t use it, because it is not motivated, does not want to fight for their place in the squad, this player has no place in the national team.

The phone constantly with the players. Lunch or dinner is the process of communication. We’re not exactly going to during those 10-15 minutes to use the phone, watch the news or something. We have a limited time. And they will communicate with each other without phones and unnecessary distraction.

The players are rarely idle. In such cases, I make notes. But this is rare because the players are very serious. I ask, I always remind them to adhere to discipline. It’s more about respecting each other. Come, hang out, take partners 15-20 minutes during Breakfast, lunch and dinner,” – said Shevchenko in an interview to Ukrainian Interest.

We will remind, the national team is at a training camp in which the team will meet with Saudi Arabia and Japan.

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