Pompeo announced the end of “soft policy” of the United States against Russia

WASHINGTON, April 12 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The soft policy of the US towards Russia, said the Director of the CIA, a candidate for Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

“Russia continues to act aggressively, and contribute to many years of soft policy against this aggression. It’s over now. The list of actions of our administration designed to increase the price of (Russian President) Vladimir Putin, long,” — said in written testimony to Congress Pompeo who expanded the White house.

Among the measures against Russia Pompeo has called the sanctions, expulsion of diplomats, the strengthening of the us army and nuclear deterrent forces and “armed brave young people who have resisted Russian expansionism in Ukraine and Georgia.”

“This list is much longer, and I am sure that I will have the opportunity to add add”, — the statement says Pompeo.

“However, the actions of the current administration make it clear that the national security strategy of the President (Donald) trump is rightfully called Russia a threat to our country. Our diplomatic efforts against Russia will be difficult, but, as on previous occasions confrontation with Moscow, they must continue,” added Pompeo.
The worsening of relations, sanctions and the expulsion of diplomats

Another escalation of tensions between Russia and the US took place amid reports about the use of chemical weapons in the city of Duma in Eastern ghouta. Western countries have accused Damascus that the Syrian military allegedly used chlorine bomb. Moscow denied this information.

On Wednesday, the President of the United States Donald trump on his Twitter page advised Russia to prepare for missile strike against Syria. Some time later, he published another post on Twitter, which stated that relations between Washington and Moscow is now even worse than during the cold war.

United States last week imposed sanctions against several Russian businessmen and their controlled companies, as well as a number of senior officials. Under attack, in particular, were companies controlled by Oleg Deripaska. This decision of the American authorities caused the collapse of the Russian stock market and a massive selloff of ruble assets.

At the end of March it became known that in solidarity with the British authorities in the “case Skripal” the United States took the decision to expel Russian diplomats 60 — 48 employees of a diplomatic mission and another 12 employees of the UN mission and the closure of the Consulate General of Russia in Seattle.

In Salisbury on 4 March was poisoned convicted of spying for the UK ex-GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, which triggered a major international scandal. London claims that the poisoning Skrobala substance a-234, to which the British authorities equate “Newbie” involved in the Russian government, Moscow categorically denies it.