Before the North bridge in Kiev again crashed the bus and trolleybus

In Kiev at the Congress from the North bridge (former Moscow) the accident occurred with the participation of municipal buses and trolleybuses.

It is reported Today.

“The driver of bus No. 100 at the turn to the exit of the bridge I hesitated and crashed into a trolley bus №31“, – stated in the message.

The collision completely broken the rear window of the trolley and bent staircase, which fasten the mast to power transport. The bus had a broken windscreen. Passengers of both vehicles had to transfer to bus.

On the bridge the big stopper was formed.

“This accident clearly the fault of the bus driver, who gape and rammed the trolley. Fortunately, anybody from passengers has not suffered. The bus driver will have to reimburse the cost of the broken glass at his own expense. The windshield is not cheap — more than 10 thousand hryvnias“, — reported in KP Kyivpastrans.

Yesterday, April 18, also in Kiev, the bus crashed into a trolley.