The NHS website from hackers defaced

A NHS-website hosting-data from patient surveys, which has been defaced by hackers fixed.

The Website, uk was, has AnoaGhost a black background, eerie music and a message in white letters that read, “Hacked by.”

Cyber-security expert Kevin Beaumont spotted the blemish, and tweeted a screenshot to his followers on Tuesday afternoon.

A few hours later the message was removed.

The site in question, the hosts, the data from data sources such as surveys of patients about the primary care providers, including GP surgeries.

A cached screenshot of the web page available online suggests that it had been compromised for at least five days, although the NHS has not been confirmed, this was not the case.

The removal was carried out according to the NHS, Digital, advises in technical matters, for the NHS organisations that was contacted by the BBC.

A spokesman for NHS Digital, said: “We are aware of this and measures have been taken to remove by the owner of the site of the damaged parts of the website.

“We are working with the site owners, to help you correct the underlying vulnerability.”

The BBC has asked NHS England, the owner of the concerned Website, comment.