“Our land”: the Ukrainians are overpaid oligarchy for buying chickens and poultry in France

Immediately to review the conditions of distribution of state subsidies to small and medium farmers requires the government to “Our land”. This was stated by co-Chairman of the party Oleksandr Mazurchak.

According to him, in the agricultural sector the lion’s share of subsidies and VAT refunds in 2017 received a major enterprise is poultry.

“Only “MHP” got the 8.24 UAH of subsidies for each kilogram of chicken — 20% of the cost. With each purchase a Ukrainian chicken one thigh is returned to the pocket of the oligarchs. While the price of chicken throughout the year grew by almost a third. The government should immediately renegotiate the distribution of state subsidies in favor of small and medium farms and enterprises”, — said Alexander Mazurchak.

He stressed that the oligarchs don’t stop through windfall profits from the subsidies to buy the loss-making European poultry company, creating jobs abroad.

“Oligarchs chicken farmers have started to buy for the state budget of loss-making businesses in France and Luxembourg. While small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises work at the expense of own means and form the price of their products without the support of the state”, — said Alexander Mazurchak.

“Our land” requires the government to review the involvement of small and medium agricultural producers to participate in government programs of support of agricultural enterprises.

“We need to encourage large agricultural holdings to the withdrawal of the state budget and to attract small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises. This will lead to a decrease in the price of food on the shelves” — summed up Oleksandr Mazurchak.

As you know, according to the Ministry of agrarian policy, during the first 11 months of 2017, the state paid subsidies in the amount of 3,428 billion. Most of the state received large enterprises “poultry farmers”: “MHP” — 1,25 billion UAH, “UKRINFORM” — 444 million UAH.