Komi: trump is not suitable for the post of President of the moral qualities

The former Director of the FBI gave a television interview before the start of sales of his critical book about the activities of the current head of state

WASHINGTON – the Former Director of the FBI James Komi said that President Donald trump “in their moral qualities not suitable” for the job of President, and that there was “some evidence” that the President obstructed justice.

“There’s something important that should unite us, and that’s what our President should embody respect and adhere to the values that lie at the heart of our country – said Komi. – The most important of them is true. The current President is not capable of it.”

Komi made the announcement in an interview with ABC News that aired Sunday night, on the eve of the start of sales of books in Komi Republic in which he, in particular, writes about his role in investigations related to the Russian intervention in elections in 2016 and on the personal email server of Democrat Hillary Clinton. A former FBI Director also writes about private discussions with trump prior to his dismissal last year.

At one of these meetings, which Komi Republic told at a public hearing in Congress, trump allegedly spoke about the investigation into his national security adviser Michael Flynn and asked the FBI Director “to keep up with him.”

“This is obviously evidence of obstructing justice. In this case, I’m just a witness, not an investigator or Prosecutor, and it will depend on other factors, which reflected his intentions,” said Komi.

Trump insists that he did not ask Komi to stop the investigation against Flynn, who pleaded guilty that he lied to FBI investigators about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador in the United States. In one of the tweets the President called Komi a liar.

“The book of the Komi Republic, which was not well reviewed, it does not answer important questions – for example, how did it happen that he passed classified information to (prison), or why he lied to Congress (prison),” wrote trump, apparently having in mind that notes Komi about his private meetings with trump, which he later said publicly, was of a secret nature, which is false.

It is unclear what exactly was referring to trump, saying that Komi lied in his testimony to congressional committees.