In Kiev the drunk car was stolen and wrecked Mercedes Medvedchuk

In Kiev on the street by a drunk Moscicki car wash worker stole a Mercedes-Benz G-class, which belongs to the businessman and the politician Viktor Medvedchuk.

It is reported by UNN citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

According to the publication, the car wash left his wife, Medvedchuk and TV – presenter Oksana Marchenko. Taking advantage of the absence Marchenko, a car in an alcohol intoxication stole a car, but later lost control and caused the accident.

“The Valet lost control of a car, consequently made without accident victims. Arrived on-call police officers detained the offender,“ – said the source.

The source noted that the incident pre-klassificeret under article 289 of the criminal code.


Volunteer Roman Sinitsyn in Facebook wrote hijacker rammed a Mercedes Sprinter, which, in turn, crashed into a Daewoo Lanos. After a car tried to escape, but was too drunk. Police found him sitting under the pillar.

“Test of dragør at the scene showed the alcohol content in driver’s blood-thief 2 ppm – 10 times higher than normal,“ – said Sinitsyn.

We will remind, on April 12 in Volnovakha detained two drunken men, who drove the ambulance to drive.

Earlier, on February 23, in Odessa, the police detained the attackers, who drove luxury cars worth more than 40-50 thousand dollars.