Council plans ‘ Beatles Quarter review


A “master plan” to strengthen Liverpool’s “Beatles Quarter” is created.

Liverpool city Council is proposing a regeneration of the area around Mathew Street where the Cavern Club – which hosted the group’s early shows – once again.

The aim was to bring a “strengthened and better coordinated by the Beatles of the tourist offer” to the area, the council said.

The city’s Mayor Joe Anderson said that there was a need to improve the area of 24 hours of the call, such as the current offer was “not at the level that it could and should be.”

These plans could involve the redevelopment of the wreck and the sub-buildings and the creation of a “more defined and usable public open space”.

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If it is approved, the regeneration work would be to focus on the region of Victoria and North John Street, Lord Street and Stanley Street.

The council said the city “Beatles-related industry” has been increasingly up to 15% per year over the last decade and was worth £90 a year.

A spokesman said Cavern City Tours and the Cavern Club, the site, built on the site of his namesake nightclub with the help of the original plans, which attracted 800,000 visitors per year.

However, a council report has said that the visitors were “increasingly looking for a quality experiential tour” and there was “a clear need to organize Beatles Heritage of the offer”.

The Beatles and The Cavern Club

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The original Cavern Club opened as a jazz venue in the January 16, 1957
The Beatles performed for the first time, on February 9, 1961, but John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr had once taken the stage with different groups – Lennon and McCartney with the Careers of Men and Starr with Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
The last of the group 292 performances at the Cavern Club came on August 3, 1963
In 1973, the buildings at the top of the original club, have been demolished and the club was closed and filled with rubble. It was rebuilt using the original plans and many of the original bricks and re-opened its doors on April 26, 1984

Source: The Cavern Club

The council spokesman said the plan should include the granting of compulsory purchase powers, and be based on the results of a “control panel” of the examination of the region.

The alternative “do nothing “option” would result in “a missed opportunity to capitalize on the Beatles’ offer and connect with the whole of the city of music offers,” the report says.

Mr. Anderson stated that it was “unique” chance “to create an experience that no other city can offer and that will sustain thousands of jobs for generations to come.”

The proposals will go before the cabinet council, on 20 April, before a public consultation in the autumn.