Trump pardoned Libby

The US President Donald trump pardoned Lewis “Scooter” Libby, who once held the post of assistant Vice-President dick Cheney.

In 2005, Libby was convicted on four articles of the criminal charges – making false statements to investigators and the Grand jury, who were trying to find out who revealed the identity of CIA agent to the media. Because of the actions of Libby suffered a CIA employee Valerie Plame – the wife of former diplomat Joseph Wilson, criticized the administration of President George W. Bush for the decision to attack Iraq in 2003.

Libby was sentenced to two and a half years of imprisonment and a fine of 250 thousand dollars. He was the only official brought to trial on this case, and the most senior US administration for a quarter of a century, convicted of a felony. Later, President Bush released him from prison.

In a statement released by the White house, stressed that in 2015, one of the key witnesses in the Libby case has refused his testimony, and Sodom later the appellate court agreed that Libby had provided “credible evidence” of his innocence.

Donald trump said he didn’t know Libby, but “for many years I heard that he had been treated unfairly”.