Syria: to beat or not to beat?

Us media reported that the Pentagon had already selected targets for strikes in Syria

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis on Thursday was forced to reassure lawmakers in Congress, promising that they will be warned in advance of any military action against Syria. The defense Minister explained that the planning of such operations will require the coordination of all possible actions with allies, and thorough assessment of all risks in order to avoid full-scale conflict between the West, Iran and Russia.

“We’re trying to stop the killing of innocent people – said James Mattis, speaking in Committee on the armed forces of the United States Congress. But at the strategic level, the question is how we can avoid uncontrolled escalation of the conflict”.

On the eve of President Donald trump said that on Thursday will hold a meeting at the White house, discussed with James Mattis, head of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford and the national security adviser, John Bolton, the details of a possible operation in Syria. According to the President, the final decision about how it will meet the US on the use of chemical weapons by Damascus would be made “soon”.

“We are very, very seriously, very carefully assess the whole situation and see what will happen next,” said Donald trump in response to journalists ‘ questions.

As reported by broadcaster CNBC, the Pentagon has already selected eight targets for possible strikes in Syria. Among the “targets” – two airfields used by government forces, a research center and a plant for the production of chemical weapons components. The source channel also said that in trying to avoid losses, the Syrian government has transferred “a significant portion” of combat aircraft on the airfields occupied by the Russian VKS.

American defense Ministry this information has not commented. In response to the request of the Russian service “voice of America” representative of the press service of the Ministry only said that the Pentagon “never provides comments concerning the conduct potential military operations in the future or specific military forces and means which can be used in these operations.”

The sources of the Russian service “voice of America” in the U.S. defense Department acknowledged that after the recent statements made in the official Twitter of the President of the United States, the chances to avoid a military operation are very small.

We will remind, on Wednesday morning the head of the White house for the first time directly threatened the official Damascus and Moscow is inevitable missile strike.
“Get ready, Russia, because they will arrive – a new, great and smart,” wrote Donald trump in his Twitter.

After only 40 minutes, the President of the United States found it necessary to abandon the unnecessarily bellicose rhetoric, proposing that Russia provide “help the economy”, and making it clear that he is ready to discuss a mutual rejection of the “arms race”.

According to some experts interviewed by the Russian service “voice of America”, the President’s statements violated the official rules adopted in the sphere of national security of the United States, and is known as “Operations Security” (OPSEC). The instructions of the military Department, for example, expressly prohibit to distribute information on any upcoming or ongoing operations, “in social networks, tweets, TEXT messages, blogs, video, photos, maps, GPS and information messages.”

According to an employee Belaruskogo center, Harvard University, Brigadier retired General Kevin Ryan, such statements also seriously “complicate the work of the” military involved in the preparation of the operation.

“When the chief publicly announces impending military operation, it creates problems and restricts the number of options that can offer him his staff,” he says.

“We are now seeing a dangerous example of what political analysts call “cheap applications”, – said the Russian service “voice of America” expert of the Washington Center named after Woodrow Wilson Yuval Weber. When President trump says first one thing, then completely different today, the United States attacked Syria, tomorrow it is not attack – it reduces the weight of the statements that he makes. And it increases the chances of wrong calculation of action for the US military and Russian military who are in Syria. At the moment, they don’t understand how serious trump is related to the decision to attack Syria. Is it really Syria or the situation in the United States?”.

On Thursday morning the President of the trump in the new “tweet” is truly said that “never told” about the timing of a possible strike on Syria.
“It could happen very soon or not soon!”, – wrote the head of the White house.

Meanwhile, the French authorities stated that they have “all the evidence” attesting to the involvement of the official Damascus to use chemical weapons in the Duma. In the US administration also said that a blood samples and biomaterials collected at the scene of the attack last Saturday. A preliminary study of these samples confirmed that in East Huta was actually used chemical weapons, and in the sample failed to find traces of chlorine and has not yet named nerve agents.

These certificates, according to experts, do not leave the United States and its allies of choice.

“Everyone is already clear that the US, Britain and France will carry out a military strike – said the Russian service “voice of America” employee of the Washington Atlantic Council of Aron Stein. – Pause after the chemical attack in Syria and retaliation may be associated with internal bureaucracy and coordinating efforts and positions of the three countries. I assume the attack will happen within a couple of days and will last somewhere within one night. Speaking of trump’s tweets, we now live in a time when the President says everything that comes to his mind. It’s possible that he’s convinced that such behavior it is confusing Syria and Russia in this conflict.”