Starostenko: Klitschko has allocated 1.5 billion UAH for the construction and repair of schools and kindergartens

Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration and head of the permanent Commission for education, science, youth and sports of the city Council Anna Starostenko told about reduction of turns in kindergartens, the introduction of capital, advanced educational programmes and the increase of salaries of teachers.

“Kiev – the leader of the national rankings in education“

– Anna, let’s start with the relevant information. Recently the ranking was published, according to which Kiev ranks first among all cities in the country, the pace of capital repair of schools. Due to what such a result? What exactly was done in this area over the past year?

– At once I will tell you that Kiev is actually in the lead in many rankings in education. If you take one that you mentioned, Kiev took the first place at the average rate of the allocated funds for capital repairs at one school in the capital, this amount is half a million hryvnias for each school. Today, the Kiev administration education is clearly a priority: from the budget of Kyiv in 2018 to education received a record 12.7 billion UAH, that is by 23% more than last year. Therefore, Kiev is also the leader in construction of new educational institutions and enrolment in inclusive education and the use of new educational methods. Our city is also one of the three regions of Ukraine, where 1 January raised the salaries of teachers of preschool, non-formal and vocational education.

– Where exactly are the funds allocated to the city for education?

– The lion’s share of these funds, about 70%, goes to pay salaries and allowances to the teaching staff. In particular, Kiev has raised salaries, pay allowances timely. We also raised the salaries of teachers working in overcrowded groups. The average salary of teachers of Kiev in 2017 increased by 50%. Now 2 years in a row as a result of optimization of the budget, we have the opportunity to charge at the end of the year teachers award, the amount of which averages about 14.5 thousand. Today in Kyiv there are all conditions for comfortable learning and working teachers.Today, the city allocates enough funds to build schools and kindergartens, have updated their material base, carried out capital and current repairs – last year, it was allocated more than 1.5 billion hryvnia! In Kiev there is not a single institution that would remain without funding. Moreover, two years in a row, we are allocating the necessary funds for the purchase of detergents, stationery, sports equipment, hygiene products, that used in schools were collected by the parents. While we monitor every penny spent to be sure that the money went to the creation of better conditions for education of children. This year we are not going to slow down the pace.

“We evicted tenants to return the classrooms to the city“

– What is the situation with queues in kindergartens?

– It is important to recall that the previous government allowed the EN masse conversion of kindergartens and schools, without thinking about the consequences. As a result, we got a huge queue in kindergartens. In 2014, when Kiev was elected the mayor of Vitali Klitschko, this line was more than 15 thousand children! Vitaliy gave us a task – as fast as possible to shorten the queue and eventually completely eliminated. And, if you take last year, in Kiev появилось10 new and reconstructed kindergartens. Along with extension and reconstruction of groups in kindergartens this has allowed us to achieve a record result – reduce the turn three times. I’m sure that the pace for a couple of years we will solve the problem of queues in kindergartens.

– You said about recovery groups? Tell us more, how is this process? The building evicted a tenant?

– Give an example. The background is this. In place of preschool UCHREZHDENIE Svyatoshinsky district 18 years ago earned the City employment center. It is obvious that the residential area on the real estate needs in the kindergarten. So we found an opportunity to vacate the premises of the kindergarten and to make major repairs with a total cost of 38 million hryvnias. Recently DOSES No. 179 working: now they can accommodate 12 groups with 220 seats. Until the end of the year in the capital will be at least another 7 new and restored gardens.

– What are the dynamics of recovery groups in the kindergartens of the capital?

–The question trying to solve the complex: from the creation of several additional groups in kindergartens, where possible, ending with the reconstruction of abandoned and construction of new gardens. The return of the premises of the former gardens is a fairly complex and lengthy process associated with eviction of tenants and recovery purpose, after all the years of tenancy has been substantially rebuilt. But such actions, we may quickly reduce the queue and allow parents to arrange their children. In General, over the past year managed to create 3.6 million additional seats in kindergartens of the city. For the second year in a row is the best index in Ukraine.

“We will begin the implementation of the mechanism “money follows the child”

– Talk about education reform. All over the country started changing in this area. At what stage of reform in Kiev?

– To cope W set by the mayor objective of the elimination of queues in no time, we plan to introduce a new mechanism that will allow us to Fund the child’s stay not only in public but in the private garden. And this, in turn, will stimulate the inflow of private investment in the construction of new gardens. I am also glad to note that today, Kiev is a leader in implementing educational reforms and a platform to test the latest educational methods. In comparison with 2014, this year money is allocated six times more. Also the city it is important that teachers have a decent salary and feel supported by the team of Vitali Klitschko. We’ll continue to increase funding for education to provide all necessary for the implementation of the concept of “New Ukrainian school”: the organization of modern school space, special training of teachers, procurement of the latest school equipment and provide the latest teaching materials. This year, the government allocated 53 million hryvnias on these purposes, and Kiev has decided to double that amount, with an additional 52 million to each of the Kyiv school 100% meets the requirements of the New Ukrainian school.

– Many articles in the media devoted to the program “Modern nutrition in schools capital”. What will eat the students this year?

– Every year the city is providing more money for food in schools and kindergartens, trying to buy for the children products of the best quality. For example, this year for the nutrition of children in educational establishments of communal property, provided nearly 500 million hryvnia, which is 90 million more than it was in 2017. However, due to imperfect tender laws, what would we the high price did not put on products, expecting, of course,with the best quality, the winner is the company that made the cheapest offer. That’s why now working hard to toughen requirements for food services and the companies themselves who go to auction. We also constantly monitored and in case of complaints the Department of education along with the state foods and consumer service Kiev goes to check the city’s educational institutions.Repeated violations encourage districts to break contracts with such unscrupulous companies.

– Project “Modern food“ city or state?

– Combines. The city is preparing for the implementation of the program “Modern nutrition in schools capital”. This project came as a continuation of the initiatives of the Ministry of health, which for the first time in 18 years has redefined the principles of balanced nutrition for children. About 70 thousand children in Ukraine suffer from obesity, and each year the Ministry of health commits 15 million new cases. To remedy the situation, the Ministry of health has developed new guidelines on nutrition, which will be implemented in Ukrainian schools. By following these recommendations, we have developed a Kyiv-based project on nutrition in schools. Read more about it I will tell in the near future.

Arkady Kalyuzhny