“President to kill twice”: What is written in the views on the removal of immunity and the arrest Savchenko

The night before was released the first documents on the so-called new “case Savchenko”. Two out of the three views of the attorney General, submitted to Parliament, for the removal from the faction people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko immunity and her arrest. As published on his page in Facebook Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs, MP from “popular front” Anton Gerashchenko.

It is expected that already tomorrow, on March 22, all three documents (the removal of immunity, the detention and arrest) in the “case Savchenko” will consider at the meeting of the Procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

So, what suspect Nadezhda Savchenko Prosecutor’s office, based on what these suspicions and other interesting details of the “conspiracy”. Read the submission.


Presentation on removal from the faction people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko immunity and her arrest was dated March 15.

The text of the documents, in General, placed at 40 pages, prepared by the Prosecutor of the Main military Prosecutor Aleksandr Bannikov and was supported by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s office has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on page 21 the presentation of the arrest Savchenko and 174 pages of supporting documents, or the so-called evidence base.

The prosecution

All three views concerning the people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko based on the materials of criminal proceedings on the grounds of criminal offenses under part 1 of article 109; part 1 of article 14, part 2 of article 28, part 1 of article 109; part 1 of article 14 of part 2 of article 28, article 112, part 1 of article 14 part 3, article 258, part 1 of article 258-3; part 2 of article 28, part 1 of article 263.

In other words Savchenko is being charged with: conspiracy to commit coup d’etat, the organization of the coup, the attempt on the life of public figures, organizations, terrorist attack, promoting terrorist activities, illegal weapons handling.

Thus, in the case of bringing guilt to the people’s Deputy could face imprisonment for up to 15 years or life imprisonment.

The course of events

The investigation believes that the people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko conducted its criminal activities from November 2017 onwards.


Not later than November 20, she was dissatisfied with the socio-economic situation in Ukraine and actions the country’s leadership, having a clear disrespect to the President, the Parliament and the government, admired the views of the leaders of the terrorist organizations “DNR” about a coup, and wishing to promote their activities, colluded with a known previously head of the Ukrainian public organization “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban, the leader of the militants “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko, the so-called “Minister of revenues and duties DND” Alexander Timofeev and other unidentified terrorists.

Agreed it is already clear what – about the overthrow of the constitutional order of Ukraine and the seizure of power by the terrorist attack and assassination of public figures.

By the way, this is the main goal of terrorists in the Donbass, according to prosecutors.

Then, according to the GPU was compiled and phased implementation plan of evil intent.

Plan a coup

The first item in it — the firing of mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and firearms “government quarter” in Kiev, when it will the President, parliamentarians, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and several other government and public figures.

Look it should approximately so: from mortars and grenade launchers fired on the Parliament building and the presidential Administration, as well as a number of residential homes that are in close proximity, at the same time the Parliament building is undermining the grenades inside, but the leadership of the country shot from a firearm. If the police try to stop mass murder, then kill them.

The second paragraph says the armed seizure of the Parliament building at night to block its work and attacks on the country’s top leadership.

In this case, that one group of people was to seize the Parliament building, killing with firearms and explosives of its guards, and the second to attack houses and cars of the President, the Minister of internal Affairs, national security Council Secretary and other senior officials, including leaders of political parties.

In other words, if the documents do not have typographical errors, Savchenko and Co. were planning to kill top leaders of the country twice, and it is not clear why the capture has already bombed the Parliament building.

The organization of the terrorist attack

Then the conspirators began to organize the implementation of this plan.

Group, as emphasized in the Prosecutor’s office, picked up the Ruban for 2017. It included citizens of Ukraine Zakharchenko, March, Clicking, cat, Shashkin, Mezentsev “other”. Four of them – Zakharchenko, March, Clicking and cat – shared plans Ruban with the security and gave consent to participate in the secret investigative actions.

In the GPU are convinced that Ruban didn’t know about it, respectively, did not know., so continued with these citizens cooperate in the implementation of malice.

Thus, in the period from 20 to 23 November, they went together into the territory of “DNR” and bought part of the necessary for a terrorist attack using weapons of “Minister of income and fees,” Alexander Timofeev, moved him personally in the “gray area” near railway station “Maori”, and then gave citizens the right to March, which delivered the goods in Khmelnytsky on the territory of military unit А0553.

From 23 November to 13 December, Savchenko and Ruban discussing the details of the attack and the actors. Furthermore, this occurred at different locations and in different cities – Bahmut, Donetsk oblast, Khmelnytskyi, Kiev.

In the end it was agreed that Savchenko will be as a supervisor, and performer. In particular, as a performer, her task was to carry to the Parliament the f-1 grenades and RGD-5, as well as firearms, to undermine the building from the inside and finish off the survivors of the politicians.

Did you continue the purchase of additional parts required to carry out the attack weapons. This was done Ruban himself in the period from 6 to 8 March. As before, to buy a weapon he decided on the territory of “DND”, however take on control of the Ukrainian government territory decided via PPC “Maori”, where he was detained by employees of SBU.


The accusation is mainly based on the testimony of witnesses March, Zakharenkova, Clicking and Cat — those with early stages of the preparation of a coup d’etat worked in the SBU.

Chief among them is a March, which provided acceptance of the weapons and was aware of all the details of the operation.

In addition, apparently, the investigators have audio and video conversations Savchenko and Ruban with these citizens almost everywhere, where these talks were held, including the territory of military units in Bahmut, and Khmelnytsky.

To the evidence base also included among the physical evidence (namely weapons), conclusions of the expertise, information, border guards, and more.

Accordingly, the prosecution requests the consent of the Verkhovna Rada on the removal of Nadiya Savchenko immunity (this is necessary for further investigation), as well as her apprehension and can suggest that arrest (so that the MP could not influence the course of the investigation and avoid responsibility).

Instead of an epilogue

On the eve of Nadezhda Savchenko said about the political order and provocation. According to her, she knew about the law enforcement actions and was just playing along.