In Hungary, the ruling coalition of Orban’s two-thirds of the seats in Parliament

MOSCOW, 9 APR — RIA Novosti. The ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban gets 134 seats in the Hungarian Parliament that two-thirds of all seats, according to TV channel ATV, based on the data of the Hungarian CEC after counting 69,14% of the vote.

As informs television channel, the extreme right party “Jobbik” gets 27 seats against 23 in the last election. Hungarian socialist party — 19 vs 38.

Polling stations closed at 19.00 local time (20.00 MSK). According to 18.30 local time, the turnout amounted to about 68.13%.

The main struggle in the elections is between six parties: the right-populist FIDESZ, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, far-right party “Movement for a better Hungary” (“Jobbik”), the Hungarian socialist party, the green liberal LMP (“Politics can be different”), the party “Democratic coalition” and the liberal party “Movement Momentum”. Polls predict victory for the ruling since 2010, the Fidesz party. In past elections, the party won 133 seats in the 199-seat Parliament.