Fed: the U.S. economy will strengthen and inflation to rise

Thursday published the minutes of the Committee meeting of the fed open market

The Federal reserve expects that in coming months the economy will continue to strengthen and inflation to rise. These data are contained in published yesterday the minutes of the meeting of the Committee, Federal open market, held in March this year.

The transcript of the meeting at which the members of the leadership of the fed unanimously voted to raise borrowing costs by a quarter percentage point, as did the concerns of the regulator about the impact of commercial and fiscal policy of the administration trump. While the US Stock market, Treasury bonds and the dollar hardly reacted to the release of the minutes, despite the fact that the background of a strengthening economy, the fed is expected to accelerate the pace of raising interest rates.Planned two more increases before the end of the year, but quarterly forecasts at the last meeting showed that the number of supporters of the three increases in rates before the end of the current year increased in comparison with December. The fed’s preferred measure of inflation today is 1.6 percent; he was 6 years old does not reach the target level of 2 per cent recently, however, several factors pointed to the increasing pricing pressure.