In Ukraine the courts are trying to influence politicians, businessmen and “quasiindependent”, – Danishevsky

In Ukraine there are problems with attempts to influence the courts, political forces, business groups and “quasi-public”. This position was expressed by the Chairman of the Supreme court Valentyna Danishevska during a briefing on March 27 on the occasion of hundred days of the new APU, the correspondent of “”.

“I think there is no country where they would not have tried, and political forces and business groups to influence the court. The courts in all countries are protected from this and we are no exception. We have problems with political influence, we have problems with influences and business groups have problems with the influence of such “quasi-public” under the guise of the public in the courts, armed men appear and begin to put pressure on the court, or to keep the judge in office. The desire to influence as much as to witchcraft, poppy seeds and salt sprinkle. All used,” said Danishevsky.

She expressed the belief that judges must be protected and deprived of influence within the court.

“The judge was objective and impartial, it is necessary that he, at first, was afraid of nobody, that he was protected enough to fear now that he will announce a decision, and then not come home – that he was not, this should take care of the state as a whole. Everyone should be concerned that judges be free from fear. The judge must be free from internal influences, from the influence of the head of the court,” – said Valentyna Danishevska.

We will remind, before the Supreme court of Ukraine is now about 105 thousand – 75 thousand outstanding High and Supreme courts and 29 thousand new.