Police release footage of a carjacking of a $95,000 car used by the killer gang-boss

Police have found the car, a black $95,000 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG station wagon, which was stolen in Sydney’s West, nine months before the Hawi’s death. The 37-year-old was shot at close range, when he was in his car in the Fitness First Rockdale car Park on February 15.

It can be already hidden in a storage unit or a garage The assassin was caught on CCTV speeding away from the death scene and the Mercedes was later found on fire in the vicinity.

“Our inquiries in the Mercedes-Benz has revealed the vehicle was not spotted, or other incidents, the stolen between the time it was on the day of the shooting of” Detective Chief Inspector Steve Patton, of the state crime command of the Criminal groups-cadres, said today.

Would it not be stolen specially designed for use in Hawi’s murder, but one of the many would have been sold within the criminal underworld. High-performance cars such as the Mercedes a vehicle of choice for the criminal, the hits in crimes, such as professional and armed robbery.

CCTV footage of the car used in the execution of Mick Hawi was stolen over a year ago, at knifepoint, from Fairfield in Sydney’s West.

The carjacking of a $95,000 car.

“We know that high-performance vehicles are often stolen, the TÜV Patton said for the immediate use by criminal groups, but they can also be stored, for sale to a later date”.

“It is very likely should the vehicle changed owners – possibly multiple times – so we would like to hear from people who have seen the vehicle during this time, whether in a Parking garage, secure building, or even in a warehouse.”

Detectives have released CCTV vision of 2017 the theft of the Mercedes, which was stolen during a carjacking on may 19, 2017.

About 2.45 PM on this day, the owner of the Mercedes-Benz was approached by an unknown man after the car Parking in Fairfield East.

Former Comanchero bikie boss Mahmoud ‘Mick’ Hawi at least a dozen, was shot once in the face.

The man threatened the owner with a knife and stole the keys.

The carjacking was reported that the local police failed to find it or to identify the responsible for the theft.

It is not meant to be the Mercedes was used in any other crimes. The Daily Telegraph reported, could have retrieved the car, as high as $30,000, which will be sued in a murder.

“Sometimes a bikie hear … rumors about someone looking for a getaway vehicle. The original thief, if he worked for himself, would you a thousand, probably only a few.”WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – Video shows Hawi shoot -0:15

Supplied video on Friday, 16. March 2016 shows the moment Mick Hawi will be shot in Sydney car Park. In the video, a man dressed dressed in black, running in the direction of Hawi vehicle parked at a Fitness First Studio in Kogarah, before firing several shots into the driver’s side of the car. (AAP Video/Supplied/Seven Network) NO ARCHIVING AAP VIDEO-48-HOURS-NEWS-to-USE16. March 2018a month ago/display/NewsCorp Australia.com/Web/news network/Network News/National/