In Northern Italy when a gas explosion in a residential building nine people injured

ROME, Mar 31 – RIA Novosti. Nine people were injured and severe burns in the explosion that occurred Saturday at a residential building in the city Rescaldina to Milan due to the leakage of household gas, local media reported.

The gas explosion was such force that the two-storey part of the building collapsed, and a strong Bang was heard many kilometers away from the place of incident. At the time of the explosion destroyed part of the house there were nine people, eight of whom managed to get out of the rubble. Another 32-year-old man who lived on the first floor, were extracted from the ruins hastily arrived on the scene firefighters. All of these people, including four children, were hospitalized due to injuries and burns of varying severity. For their delivery in the hospital was used not only ambulances, two medical helicopters.

According to doctors, two people are currently in serious condition due to severe burns received in the explosion. The status of the other victims, including two charred children, is stable and is not a major concern of physicians.

On-site emergency work, firefighters, law enforcement officers and representatives of the investigative bodies, which the exact cause of the explosion. According to information from the event information, we are talking about accidental leakage of household gas, which was followed by an explosion.

According to the mayor Rescaldina Michele Cattaneo, a two-story house lived 27 people who are now homeless. “Although part of the building survived the explosion and cave in, living there in the near future is impossible, in any case, as long as the competent authorities do not carry out all the necessary checks,” he said. Deprived of a roof over their head people are now with relatives and friends, some of them city officials will soon provide temporary housing.