Lukashenko urges rather to erect a monument or the chapel in Kurapaty

Minsk. April 10. INTERFAX – the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed to quickly bring order to the tract Kurapaty.

“Time to finish this voltuno on the bones. You delayed the presentation of the President of the layout of this tract. Put me on the table the documents so that I could approve, and we have created a place for the soul,” – said at a meeting with state media, Lukashenko, quoted by the state Agency “BelTA”.

The President stressed the need to expeditiously finish tidying Kurapaty, “to put the simple monument or a chapel, or something else – we will make a decision”. “To be a person who expresses condolences to families and suffering that people died, came back, brought flowers,” he said.

The President noted that the issue of Kurapaty was politicized from its very beginning, have remained and now there are several versions about what happened in this tragic event. On one of them, in Kurapaty, the Soviet authorities shot the repressed Belarusians, on the other – there is organized the massacre of citizens by the Germans during the great Patriotic war.

Today, according to the President, doesn’t matter who was the culprit of the tragedy, because the result is the same – people died. “The people there want peace. They don’t need dancing on the bones”, – said Alexander Lukashenko.

Kurapaty near Minsk is the place of burial of victims of Stalinist repression. According to various sources, in mass graves in Kurapaty may be the remains from a few dozen to 250 thousand victims. Here lie the citizens of different nationalities – Belarusians, Russians, poles, Jews, Lithuanians. Territory burial occupies 15 hectares and protected by the state.