The security of believers at Easter will provide 4 thousand soldiers and officers of Regardie

*** To law enforcement at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and during the delivery of the Holy fire will attract the riot police

Moscow. April 6. INTERFAX – Regarde will ensure the safety of citizens during special worship, processions and liturgies dedicated to the celebration of Easter, which will be held in the coming weekend on the territory of Russia, reports the Agency.

“In the provision of enhanced security measures during the festive events together with Russian interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies involved more than four thousand servicemen and employees of Regardie”, – stated in the message, received by “Interfax” on Friday.

It is noted that for immediate response in case of complication of an operational situation the patrol routes of groups of detention of divisions of private security close to the places of festive events holding.

“Daily divisions of private security exhibited more than 6.2 thousand groups, which will be used 12,4 thousand employees”, – stated in the message.

In most mass events in Moscow on April 7-8, which will be held at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, as well as during the delivery of the Holy fire to the divine service from the airport “Vnukovo-1”, engaged personnel in the amount of about 900 people, including 185 people riot, informs Regardie.