The head of US intelligence has linked the poisoning Skripal with the election of the President of Russia

Dan Coates admits that Putin would intentionally choose a time for the poisoning to boost your result of the election

Director of national intelligence Dan Coates suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have chosen the time for the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter to consolidate his electoral support.

In an interview with British newspaper the Daily Telegraph Coates stated that Putin wanted to look “strong leader” and “bad guy” before the election.

According to him, the Russian President tried to “its best” to get re-elected, receiving the highest possible percentage of votes. The elections were held two weeks after the poisoning Skrobala in Salisbury.

Coates also said that America will take additional measures against Russia in connection with her destructive behavior, but did not go into details.

Answering the question about the poisoning Skripal, Coates said it could be another show of force from Putin before the elections.

“We know that he is trying to provide itself a maximum high result”, – said the Director of national intelligence.

In response to the question, whether the poison “deliberately” timed Putin to the election, Coates said: “I Have no proof of this, but this can be done.”

“I think the first question that comes to mind to me and many others: why would anyone a week before the election or about a week to do something like that? he said. But then comes the second thought: after all, something the Russians would do”.

“Obviously, he sought re-election, but we all knew that he wanted to get high results and gained the support of the Russians, because it was not a good guy, and the bad,” he added.

Coates also suggested that Russia could poison Skripal and his daughter to “send a signal to other spies who have decided to retire and find peace”.

Coates also questioned the legitimacy of Russian elections, which were marred by allegations of ballot box stuffing in favor of Putin.

According to Coates, it is impossible to call the election “legitimate”, if the political opponents selects one of the candidates. Key opponents of Putin are not allowed to participate elections in 2018.