Italian painter-tractor “painted” a portrait of Martin Luther king

ROME, Mar 31 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. Another work of Italian artist Dario Gambarin using a tractor and box instead of paint and canvas was a portrait of an American human rights campaigner Martin Luther king, told RIA Novosti himself Gambarin.

The face of a defender with parafraza his most famous phrase “I Have a dream” appeared on the field near Verona on the area 21 thousand square meters. Gambarin dated the portrait to the 50th anniversary of the assassination of king, which occurred March 4, 1968.

In his work the master directions of land-art uses nothing apart from tractor and plow, only placing a few flags to mark the borders of a future image.

“The portrait took me seven hours. I wanted to recall the man of peace who laid down his life for the idea of Land, equal for all races. I deliberately changed the tense of the verb in his phrase, was “I had a dream” to show that the struggle for human rights much has already been done, but there is still a long way, his dream became a reality only partly,” said Gambari.

According to him, dvuhsotmetrovy portrait of the king executed at the soybean field from which the fall off the crop. The image will last another week, after which the land will be re-sown soybeans or corn.

In July last year, the Italian “painted” on the field portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader has replaced the image of the US President Donald trump, which gambarin done after harvest at the end of last year. Another work of the artist became dvuhsotmetrovy portrait of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN with the words “Danger” in English.

Dario gambarin became known a few years ago through his art to draw huge portraits of world leaders and symbolic messages on the topic of important global events. Canvas, it is a box, and brush and paints — tractor and plow. The heroes of his works at different times he was the former President of the USA Barack Obama, the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, Pope Francis, and other politicians and celebrities.