In Dubai drunk Russian woman was bitten by a COP and smashed glass of a car head

MOSCOW, 4 APR — RIA Novosti. Russian tourist attacked a female police officer in the UAE and smashed the glass of the car of militiamen. It is reported by Gulf News.

The incident occurred at the entrance to one of the hotels of Dubai. The guards arrived on scene about the fight of two drunken tourists. A female police officer tried to subdue a woman, wearing the handcuffs on her, but she started to resist.

According to the publication, the girl repeatedly struck a police officer and bit off her face. Some time later, the violators were able to sit in the car, but she was kicking the glass and Bang your head until you broke it.

In court against the Russians were accused of assaulting a police officer, damage to a police car and drinking alcohol. The girl confessed that damaged the car, however, according to her, the woman-the militiaman she was not biting.

The decision in the case will announce on April 29.