Washington Post: Mueller doesn’t consider trump a suspect in a criminal case

Moreover, as reported, spectracolor insists on talking with the President

As reported by the Washington Post, spectracolor Robert Mueller last month told lawyers for President Donald trump, that, though he is involved in the investigation as a suspect in a criminal case Muller at the moment not considered.

Material Washington Post based on information received from several sources who are familiar with the contents held in early March private negotiations with Muller’s lawyers trump about the possibility to ask questions to the President in the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016 and the possibility of collusion between Moscow and the election headquarters trump.

The American intelligence community concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the launch campaign of influence to prevent the victory of Democrat Hillary Clinton and to increase the chances of trump. The trump has repeatedly denied the existence of any collusion with Moscow and called the Mueller investigation “a witch hunt”.

According to the Washington Post, Mueller told trump’s lawyers that he was preparing a report on the actions of the President and reiterated that he wants to talk to him. Lawyers refused to comment publicly on the article. The article reports that trump and some of his entourage regarded the words of Muller as proof that the risk of criminal prosecution for the President is low, while others warn that the words of the Muller played the role of bait, and that conversation can lead to more serious legal risks.