Trump is “very seriously” studying the withdrawal of troops from Syria

Meanwhile, experts say that premature withdrawal would deprive the US of leverage in the negotiations about Syria’s future

The US President Donald trump once again expressed a desire to “escape” from Syria, but did not speak of any deadlines.

Meanwhile, his advisors warned that to defeat Islamic state and stabilization of areas from which militants were ousted, it will require more work.

Speaking at a press conference, trump said that the US “will not rest until the “Islamic state” will not come to an end.” But he also suggested that this victory is inevitable.

However, the Pentagon and the state Department are of the opinion that for the final defeat of the “Islamic state” will require more prolonged efforts of the United States.

“It’s time,” said trump in response to a journalist’s question, whether he is inclined to withdraw us troops.

“We were very successful against the “Islamic state”. We will be successful against the other in military terms. But sometimes there comes a time to return home, and we think about this very seriously,” he added.

In Syria there are about 2 thousand American troops, including

the commandos, whose tips helped the Kurdish militia and other fighters backed by the US, to seize territory that kept the “Islamic state”.

However, Brett Mcguirk, the US special envoy for the global coalition fighting the Islamic state, said in Washington Tuesday that the US fight with a terrorist group is not completed.

“We are in Syria to fight the Islamic state. This is our mission, and our mission is not complete,” said Mcguirk.

At the same time, he acknowledged that at present the analysis to make sure that American taxpayers ‘ money is spent efficiently.

Experts disagree about the significance of concurrent reasoning trump on the withdrawal of troops and promises that the US will not leave until the “Islamic state” will not be defeated.

Jon Alterman of the Center for strategic and international studies believes that the rapid withdrawal would deprive the US of leverage in the negotiations to end the civil war in Syria.

“This will primarily lead to the fact that the United States will lose the little influence on the future of Syria that they have,” said he.

The head of the Central command of the armed forces of the USA General Joseph Votel, which is in charge of American troops in the middle East, said that he sees the place of the US military in efforts to stabilize Syria.

“I think the hardest part of the job still ahead, he said. – We are talking about the stabilization of these regions, securing our success, the return of people to their homes. There is a place for the military.”