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Today, the 28-year-old Hasan Topal is in the middle of a fierce battle within one of the country’s most feared bikie gangs, the Comanchero.

Victoria police have confirmed that Topal was installed as commander of the gang of the southern Chapter, the arrest Comanchero national President Mick Murray last week.

Murray serves an eight-month sentence for contempt after refusal to cooperate with authorities investigating a series of bikie incidents, including several shootings.

Murray is the owner of Melbourne’s notorious Nitro Ink tattoo parlour, the scene of a brazen assassination attempt on a senior Comanchero Robert Ale, 36.

Hasan Topal in one of his modeling shots. Image: Chadwick Model Agency

Hasan Topal looks nothing like an outlaw bikie. Image: Chadwick Model Agency

Ale, turned the nickname of “crybaby Comanchero”, nine times after three hoodie-wearing armed men broke into the Hampton Park studio and opened fire shortly after 1 p.m., February 22.

The police have yet to arrest, who flew over the dramatic hit, the race saw innocent bystanders to your life, than the balls.

Several shots penetrated the walls, to enter company on the back of the room, with a ball available at least an office worker, which, according to Victoria police spokeswoman Natalie Webster missed.

The police believe that the internal feud Malkoun comes from bad blood between Murray and the gang, the former President, Amad “Jay”.

Former Comanchero national president Jay Malkoun, pictured, during the Association’s annual ride in 2012, probably in exile in Russia. Picture: NewsCorp

Jay Malkoun pictured at his 2012 wedding. Image:

Malkoun is currently in exile in Russia, where it is believed to have established a successful crime syndicate from heavily armed mercenaries.

The Maserati driving, convicted heroin traffickers to be handed the reins to Murray in the year 2013 before leaving Melbourne to start a new life in Dubai.

Later, he was photographed with a senior gang members on the international Comanchero convention in Chechnya.

The police believe that Malkoun is connected to the Russian network, a multi-million-dollar-estate racket with real estate in Melbourne.

Hasan Topal threw you into a successful modeling career to an outlaw bikie. Image: Chadwick Model Agency

Hasan Topal, when he saw exactly five years ago. Image: Chadwick Model Agency

Murray, who photographed also the owner of Nitro gym, where celebrities such as Hollywood muscleman turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, is believed to have debts of more than $12 million in the Form of taxes.

The police says that the bad blood between Murray and Malkoun has contributed to the instability within the Comanchero, which is estimated to be 50 members in the Victoria, 25 of which are currently behind bars.

On Monday, police CCTV film released in shoot material of the Nitro-ink and revealed investigators had linked the incident to a hit on another Comanchero in the Melbourne suburb of Reservoir last August.

In this case, the victim was shot six times, but, Robert, Ale, somehow survived.

Acting Senior Sergeant Paul Topham said that both men were aligned to Malkoun, the continues to pull the strings from overseas.

Hasan Topal and his wife Samantha Rabah in their wasteful 2016 ceremony. There are no proposals Ms Rabah has each of the gear Engagement. Image: Facebook

Hasan Topal wife, Samantha, Rabah is, she shows her incredible dress on their wedding day. Image: Facebook

“It is believed that he said a very influential figure in the club-and it seems to be hostility between the (current President), Mick Murray and Jay Malkoun,” Sergeant Topham.

“The hostility between these two members, then filtered down between the members of the Clubs that are aligned, both, what are the cause of factions at the local level.”

Said he believed the police, the victims were targeted after a “falling out” with Murray.

“At this stage we have not was able to identify the nature of the dispute,” he said. “One of the ways we are investigating whether Jay Malkoun has interest in the leadership of the club.”

If he does, it is likely that Hasan Topal was able to find yourself with a bounty on his head.

Hasan Topal is now commander of the Victorian Comanchero after the arrest of the national President Mick Murray. Image: Instagram

The Ex-model is a trusted confidant of Murray, have understood, was one of the guests of honour at Topal spacious 2016 wedding, radiation therapist, Samantha Rabah. There are no proposals Ms Rabah has each of the gear Engagement.

Topal has confirmed its enviable look on his loyalty to Murray and the club in a violent brawl at a Canberra strip club in the last year in which he was caught on CCTV smashing a glass into his own forehead, before heading back into the fight.

Details of the incident were revealed in September last year, as Topal-fronted

The Melbourne Magistrates Court on charges of violation of his bail conditions and the refusal of the police to have access to seven mobile phones, the police seized during his arrest.

ME & THE @nitro_gym SPEED BIG ROB @themeataxe MARK, MICK MURRAY & OWNER of SOME UNKNOWN GUY photo bombing @Schwarzenegger— C. T. Fletcher (@CTFletcherISYMF) 3. April 2016

A man strong Comanchero resemble national President Mick Murray (far left) stands next to Hasan Topal and his bride Samantha Rabah. Image: Facebook

Police claimed that Topal was involved in a wild punch at the top between the fellow Comanchero members in the capital Men’s Club in August of last year.

The court heard that security cameras captured Topal smashing a glass in his own end and ripping his T-shirt before he can fight again, and punching a fellow Comanchero, he was semi-conscious.

Detective Senior Constable Courtney Hughes confirmed that Mick Murray may be in the recordings in the background, watching the affray, and make no attempt to intervene.

“The battle continues in the background until a woman can be heard, again and again, loud roaring over the fighting men ‘F—ing stop!”,” Detective Hughes told the court, according to Fairfax.

At the time of his arrest about the fight, Topal was on bail for extortion and assault charges over an incident at a car rental firm in Richmond in may of last year

The police says, he went to the dream to recover the drives, the $20,000 in relation to a business contract dispute and allegedly demanded money from the employees, who say: “I’m going to start hitting up the guys one after the other, and then destroy their cars.”Bikies in Australia: A short history1:28

Bikies have a prominent presence in Australia, but it is definitely difficult to keep up with all the nuances of the subculture. So, here is a brief history is outlined, which are the main gangs, and what conflicts you have.19. January 20183 Months Ago/display/NewsCorp network/Network News/National/