The United States promised “to periodically deploy” their forces in the Baltic States

President trump at a meeting with leaders of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia said that the United States will be “a loyal friend and ally” of the Baltic States

The United States promised “to periodically deploy” part of its armed forces in the Baltic States to strengthen the capacity of deterrence in the face of a belligerent Russia and assistance to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in strengthening their national defence.

This is stated in a joint statement, signed by the leaders of the Baltic States at a summit at the White house with President Donald trump, who confirmed their readiness to confront Moscow in the protection of the Baltic allies of America while simultaneously attempts to preserve the dialogue with the Kremlin.

“The United States will continue to periodically deploy its forces in the Baltic States to strengthen the capacity of the containment and to serve as a catalyst for the efforts of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the development of their national defence”, – the document says.

“The United States intends to help Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to increase readiness and enhance the capabilities of their armed forces through the provision of continued assistance in the field of security”, – is spoken further in the Declaration.

USA and the Baltic States also promised to “continue to explore new ideas and opportunities, including in the field of defense, both at the bilateral level and within NATO to strengthen deterrence capability in the region”.

During the us-Baltic summit, trump along with President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis and Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite marked the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Baltic States and discussed the issues of strengthening security, business, trade, energy, counter-terrorism, as well as partnership in the field of culture.

Trump’s commitment to the NATO Alliance was one of the main themes of the summit.

The US President told the Baltic leaders that they “can be confident that the US will remain strong, proud, and loyal friend and ally”.

The leaders of the USA and the Baltic States reiterated firm commitment to the principles of “national sovereignty, inviolability of borders and inviolable territorial integrity of all European countries,” reads the Declaration.

They promised to “deepen cooperation to confront the forces that threaten our common values, interests, security and a shared vision.”

“NATO, under the determined leadership of the United States, is the cornerstone of the transatlantic relations and the cornerstone of collective security, said in a joint statement. Together we will continue to expand NATO’s capabilities in providing a powerful deterrence and defense”.

“The United States of America as well as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania reaffirm the unbreakable commitment to article 5 of the Washington Treaty,” the document says.

In article 5 of the NATO Treaty States that an attack on any NATO member is seen as an attack on the entire Alliance, and the actuator mechanisms of collective defence in the event of such an act of aggression.

Meanwhile, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have promised to continue the modernization of its armed forces to improve interoperability with U.S. and other NATO countries.

“Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to work together in order to further strengthening regional infrastructure to support additional placements of U.S. forces and NATO on a rotating basis and conducting exercises in the region”, – stated in the Declaration.

According to this document, the USA, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will continue to support the activities of NATO to counter “hybrid threats”, including by using the NATO centers for the exchange of best practices in the Baltic States.