The increase in U.S. tariffs on goods from China has caused the response of Beijing

Experts warn that the extension of the injunction could lead to a loss of confidence in global markets

The US and China, Washington and Beijing are expanding the list of goods subject to the new duties. Index Hong Kong stock exchange hang Seng first reacted negatively to announced on Tuesday the introduction of a 25 percent duty on one thousand three hundred items of Chinese goods, industrial, technology, transportation and medical sectors, announced on Tuesday, the administration trump, accusing Beijing of violating the rights of intellectual property. The imposition of duties on products, which is about $ 50 billion, provoked a response from Beijing.

“We will take measures corresponding to the intensity and scope against the products exported from USA in accordance with the Legislation on foreign trade of China”, – said the press-Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce of China.

Beijing announced the introduction of the mirror of duties of 25% on imports from the United States in the amount of $ 50 billion, including automobiles and chemical products. Date of introduction of new duties will be announced later.

“It seems that we are now witnessing trade war between the two biggest economies in the world, says analyst David Madden. Now it was the turn of President trump, we know he doesn’t like to leave such issues unaddressed.Most likely, the uncertainty in global stock markets will continue in the next few days, possibly even weeks.”

“Such reactions are primarily emotions – emphasizes the marketing Director of Seven Investment Management Justin Urquhart. – If the trade restrictive measures will expand the trust… from world markets could be lost.”