Plans launch of Russian missiles over the Baltic sea have alarmed Latvia

RIGA, March 30 — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of defence of Latvia have summoned the Russian military attache Andrey Lobov in connection with the dissatisfaction with Moscow’s plans to organize a training missile launch over the exclusive economic zone of the Republic in the Baltic sea, according to Sputnik Latvia.

Earlier, the Russian Main center of the unified system of air traffic has informed Latvia about the training of missile launches from 4 to 6 April.

“Despite the fact that international treaties do not prohibit Russia in this area to conduct similar exercises, her actions causing and can be regarded as a demonstration of power. Teaching may threaten the movement of ships and aircraft over the Baltic sea”, — stated in the Ministry of defence of Latvia.

The Latvian side requested the officer detailed information about planned actions and how security will be maintained.

The defense Ministry stated that the Baltic sea is important for the economy, and Russia’s actions will hurt economic activity and increase the risk of incidents.

The civil aviation Agency (CAA) of Latvia in response to the request, Russia agreed to close next week airspace of the Republic at the altitude of 18 km in the area provided for training launches of Russian missiles.

Director YEAH Maris Gorodtsov explained that the closure of airspace is a standard procedure when it asked military experts, however, still similar in Latvia occurred.

During the talks, YEAH managed to change the coordinates of the zone runs, as it was originally active on the crossroads of airline travel. On the question of what impact the missile launches will have on passenger air travel, Gorodtsov said that while it is difficult to predict, but it is clear that this area will have to fly around.

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