Mummy blogger to stand trial for allegedly injecting her daughter with the urine

A FORMER mummy blogger with an international following has been committed to stand trial on charges of alleged injection of urine in her daughter’s jugular vein.

The woman, a former midwife who blogged about her daughter in a poor state of health, is due to face the NSW District Court in Newcastle on Thursday.

The 44-year-old has been charged after doctors noticed the yeast and the fungus that grows in the nine-year-old intravenous drip after she was admitted to hospital in 2015 with renal insufficiency.

Police later found syringes, laxatives, urine samples, and the mother of the bag, leading the detective to investigate since 2008.

The police claim that as well as injecting her daughter with the urine, the mother regularly fed her laxatives, which caused the flaking of the skin and a severe rash.

Detective load the woman, who cannot be identified with the use of poison to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm, and assault to cause actual physical harm.

Doctors have found the yeast and the fungus that grows in the nine-year-old intravenous drip in his jugular vein.

The mother had written a blog about her sick son to health, and has had an international following.

The woman, who comes from the NSW Hunter Valley, has regularly written for the sick daughter of health on a blog that has been pulled down.

He received sympathetic messages from other bloggers, after posting messages on his child and the illness.

The little girl was a frequent visitor to the hospital for other complaints, and had become involved through his mother in children’s health charity.

A court heard two years ago that the case was “very complex, involving very detailed and extensive medical tests”.

The defendant mother has been on bail, but is due to appear in Court in the District in which it is involved for the test.

Mother to stand trial for assault and the use of poison to endanger life.