Female shooter ‘had ranted YouTube’

The suspect in a gun attack on YouTube’s headquarters in California, had expressed anger about their treatment of her video postings, reports say the media.

The police have to say the name Nasim Aghdam, 39, as the suspect, but they are still investigating a motive.

US media say Aghdam was angry that YouTube to filter videos and reduce the money you could make.

Tuesday, the attack left a man and two women wounded with gunshot wounds. The assailant shot himself dead.

The police in San Bruno, California, says there is no evidence yet that the attacker knew the victim, a 36-year-old man said to be in critical condition and two women aged 32 and 27.
YouTube-shooting unfolds onlineWhat do we know about the suspect?

Nasim Aghdam lived in San Diego in southern California.Vegan bodybuilder with a huge online presence

Police revealed some details about her, but US media said, she ran a number of TV channels and a website, posting videos on a variety of topics, including those highlighting the cruelty to animals. The channels are now deleted.

Agdam has been variously described as a vegan bodybuilder, artist and rapper.

Nasim Aghdam

In January 2017 you posted a complain in a video about the fact that YouTube has been filtering their content, leading to less views.

On their website you can also find railed against YouTube, which is filtered to say: “the Videos of the targeted user, and only beaten off, so that the people your videos can see that.”

She also quotes Adolf Hitler to say: “Make the big lie, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually you will believe it.”

You also wrote: “There is no equal opportunity for growth on YouTube or other video sharing Website. Your channel will grow if you want [it]!”

Agdam father, Ismail, said the US local media she was angry, because YouTube had ceased to pay her for the videos.

Video posters can get money, the view from linked, but the company can de “monetization” channels for various reasons, under advertising. It is unclear whether this was done in Aghdam material.

Her father Agdam said the missing had reported on Monday to not answer phone calls for two days. Police later found her asleep in her car in Mountain View, 25 km (15 miles) to the South from the YouTube offices in San Bruno, and reported this to her family, but did not arrest them.

Her father told the police, you could, you said on YouTube, how they “hated the company”, and local media.

YouTube terminated your account after the shooting. Your Instagram and Facebook accounts have also been removed.

However, many Twitter users posted their Facebook-video-rant against YouTube:

At the end of the Twitter post of @r0eland

What happened in the attack?

The suspect is reported to have approached an outdoor terrace and dining area at the headquarters in San Bruno, near San Francisco, about noon on Tuesday and opened fire with a pistol.

San Bruno police chief Ed Barberini, said officials met in the offices at 12:48 (19:48 GMT) local time, a “chaotic scene,” with many people on the run.

Images broadcast on the local TV stations showed employees leave with their hands raised. Other footage showed the evacuees form a queue, before you felted individually by the police.

The police said, the officers “had his victim with an apparent gunshot wound to the side and two further gunshot wounds of the victims, who had fled to a neighboring business.”

Inside the complex, a woman found officers dead from a gunshot wound that was probably self-inflicted.


An employee at a nearby fast-food restaurant Fox station, KTVU said he had treated a young woman suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

He said he had fashioned a makeshift tourniquet from a bungee cord as they waited for the emergency responders.

Several YouTube employees tweeted about the attack as it was.

Product manager Todd Sherman said, the people fled the building in panic, as the rotation unfolds work.

At the end of the Twitter post of @tdd

Another employee, Vadim Lavrusik, tweeted he was barricaded in a room with other employees. He said later that he had been evacuated.

At the end of the Twitter post by @Lavrusik

The three injured were taken to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. The officials, the 32-year-old woman said the condition was serious, and the 27-year-old his condition was fair.

A fourth person was also taken to the hospital with an ankle injury suffered while you tried to escape, Mr Barberini said.

About 1,700 people work on the YouTube HQ. The company is owned by Google and is the area of the largest employers.

Previously the media had reports that the man was shot in the Agdam friend, but the police later said; “at this time there is no indication that the shooter knew the victims of this shooting, or individuals targeted.”

Such “active shooter” incidents are predominantly carried out by men – an FBI report found that of the 160 incidents between 2000 and 2013, only six of the people, the open fire, were women. What was the response?

YouTube spokesman Chris Dale praised the police response to the incident.

“Today, it feels like the entire community of YouTube and all of the employees were victims of these crimes. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered in this particular attack,” he said.

Another online giant, Twitter, said it was appalled and said it was the monitoring of instances of misinformation.

At the end of the Twitter post of @Twitter safety

President Donald Trump said that he had been informed about the incident.

At the end of the Twitter post of @realDonaldTrump

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