The goal of the Turkish championship, which was scored with a shot from 51 meters

In the match of the 27th round of Turkish super League Galatasaray Trabzonspor took. By the end of the meeting, the guests were lost with the score 2:0.

Cracking 16-year-old Italian kid who he scored the fifth point

In desperation, the Trabzonspor midfielder Yuri Kucka, who won in the fight free-kick, decided to strike on goal. The midfielder broke from the centre circle at the distance of 51 meters to the gate and put the ball in the net.

This is an absolutely ludicrous hit from the halfway line by Trabzonspor”s Juraj Kucka against Galatasaray. The swerve…my god, the swerve.— LateTackleMagazine (@LateTackle) April 1, 2018.

The match ended with the score 2:1. Galatasaray is the leader of the tournament table of the championship of Turkey, Trabzonspor is on the 5th place.

Yuri Kucka moved to Trabzonspor in 2017 from Milan. This goal was the furthest in the championship of Turkey in the last four seasons.

Earlier it was reported that the goalkeeper of Ethiopia with a scale scored his hand into his own net.

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