Calor gas shortages affect thousands of

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Customers vented their anger after a lack of Calor gas on the left, some without hot water and can not weekend heat their homes in the Easter.

Approximately 3,300 Calor customers, which began with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) were affected by the delays, which, as a storm Emma hit the end of February.

Some said they had the petrol, despite ordering weeks in advance, while others said that they are running low.

Calor said it was “extremely sad”, but the delay could take weeks to solve.

The energy supplier has been affected with the 110,000 LPG customers in the UK and said the situation, which is less than 3% of these customers.

However, since it was announced for the first time, the news of the delays on the 6. March draws hundreds of angry comments on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on the review site trust pilot.

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Some said they were concerned, for the members of the family – older people-pensioners and children, who suffer because of no heating, hot water, or to cook in some cases, the ability.

Others said they had said it would take a week before Calor would be able to deliver the gas canisters to you – in spite of the fact that she had a call to new before you ran out of gas.

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Calor blame the closure of the Forties pipeline in the North sea due to a leak in early December, and the week-long closures of Fawley, Stanlow and Valero oil refineries. This, it was said, had led to LPG stocks are running low in the industry as a whole.

If the weather then Emma the nickname turned icy storm “The beast from the East” – it was not able to meet the increased demand for LPG. “To see an improvement’

He said it was well managed, natural gas supply, people, reported, runs for three weeks. But he said there was still work to obtain the residue, to the other, expired already or were in short supply.

A spokesman told the BBC: “We are seeing an improvement in the situation, but it will take a few weeks to get completely back to normal.

“We keep updated our customers and have service centres open every day over Easter (except Easter Sunday), plus we drivers have deliveries every day.

“We are very sad about the situation that has arisen from the combination of two extreme events.”

Around 200,000 people are using LPG in the UK, and Calor is the leading provider. However, it is not the only gas company to have problems with others, including Flogas, Avantigas and Countrywide also reporting delays.