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Pop star Ricky Martin says that he is “hidden wasted energy” his sexuality at the beginning of his career.

The 46-year-old came out in 2010, and only recently Jwan Yosef married, with whom he had two sons fathered by a surrogate.

Speaking to attitude magazine, the star said that he regretted the lengths he went to to disguise his sexuality.

“I was a closeted gay man, hiding my Partner,” he said. Some of his partners went “back in the closet” in his name”, he added.

Martin said that he had taken extreme measures to avoid speculation, in case it harmed his career.

“I didn’t know to open the doors to new relationships, and I’m not talking about romantic relationships, I’m not talking about a relationship, because I want people to know me too much.

“I wouldn’t sit down and have a cool relationship with amazing producers and great Directors, because I was afraid that if she spent more than two hours sitting with me, you would know my nature.

“I wasted a lot of energy to manipulate the try, my sexuality.”


Martin has already stated, it took me years to come up with his sexuality – and he was still “struggling” with the question on the height of his fame in the year 1999.

“I had relationships with men after the breakup of my first love, I was ready to accept myself as gay,” he wrote in his autobiography, Me.”Hate me”

Born in Puerto Rico as Enrique Martin Morales, the star began with the production of TV commercials when he was nine, and joined the boy-band phenomenon Menudo on 12.

But it was the success of his English-language hit Livin’ La Vida Loca, turned him into a global sensation and prompted rumors about his sexuality.

In the year 2000, the US TV host Barbara Walters, Martin pressed the issue, asking him several times whether he was gay. Later regret about their line expressed in the question, calling it “inappropriate”.

The media speculation, had a profound effect on Martin.

“Sometimes I felt that I hated myself,” he said to Me. “Since Z is a negative lens, it was always presented as something scandalous and bad, it reinforced my desire to deny what I was feeling.”

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Martin recently played, the partner of the late designer Gianni Versace in the TV drama American Crime Story: The murder Of Gianni Versace.

He said his own experiences that informed the performance.

“The level of injustice that we had as a community back then was difficult,” he told attitude. “I played every role before I even began working on this project.

“And so I am, once again, everything I’ve done.””We wear this flag

The singer met his husband online, said he was thrilled to be an inspiration to other men.

“We love it!” he said. “It is not for us but for our children. It is for my children to join us on this red carpet and say, ‘Ah, these are my fathers, how cool!’

“And raise my children with self-esteem and let you understand how amazing it is, part of the modern family … We know, we wear this flag and when we wear this flag, let’s sway this flag really loud.”

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