Chelsea player said that nobody can compare with Messi

Chelsea player Eden hazard spoke about the situation in the team and said that it cannot be compared with the great Barcelona forward Lionel Messi.

“Chelsea have lost a few important matches in recent times, but we beat Leicester in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and continue to fight for the title. At the end of the season we hope to take fourth place.

I like to play “nine“, but this role is different from my favorite “ten“. I’m not very happy with our game against Manchester city, we are not very well fulfilled in that match. But if I develop in a new role, then we will succeed.

I like Messi? No, no one can compare with him. It’s incredible. We have certain similarities in the small growth and the rapid run, but he sees the game and evaluates it in a different way“ – quoted by Azar L’equipe.

Earlier it was reported that the striker of Barcelona and Argentina national team Lionel Messi has beaten half the team in training and once again proved that he is from another planet.

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