Beijing reacted to the visit by the American destroyer in the South China sea

BEIJING, 23 Mar — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of defense of China has accused the US of violating its sovereignty and undermine security in connection with the entry of the US Navy destroyer USS Mustin in the waters near the disputed Islands in the South China sea.

Earlier, Reuters, citing us officials reported that USS Mustin passed 12 nautical miles from the reef, Mischief (Macsi) in the Spratly archipelago (Nansha) to demonstrate the “freedom of navigation”.

The defense Ministry of China confirmed that an American destroyer on March 23, “illegally” entered the waters near the Chinese Islands in the South China sea. Warships of the Chinese Navy and 570 514 warned the destroyer of the need to leave the area.

“China has indisputable sovereignty over the Islands in the South China sea. Another unauthorized intrusion of an American warship in the waters of the Chinese Islands in the South China sea is a serious violation of the sovereignty and security of China, the violation of fundamental principles of international relations and a threat to peace and stability in the region”, — reads the statement of the official representative of the defense Ministry of China, Ren Guoqiang.