UN: United States comply with the terms of the Paris agreement

This was stated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations

USA to meet the commitments undertaken in the framework of the Paris agreement on climate change, despite the decision of the President of trump about the release of the number of countries that supported the Treaty.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierres said in the headquarters of the organization, through the actions of entrepreneurs and local authorities of the United States “can live up to the promises this country in Paris.”

“Everywhere in the world the role of governments less and less important, he said. – Becoming more and more important role in the economy and society”.
In 2015, during the presidency of Barack Obama, the United States was among the nearly 200 countries that have approved the agreement, which is obliged to reduce the quantity of industrial emissions so as to limit the temperature rise on the planet.

President trump called the agreement a “bad deal” for the United States. However, under the agreement the US cannot withdraw from the contract up to 2020.

According to Gutierres, the problem of climate change remains “the most systemic threat to humanity”.

“Change is happening much faster than we have time to react to them, said UN Secretary-General. Scientists today are concerned that if we do not take extraordinary efforts in the period up to 2020, the objectives of the Paris agreement may not be feasible”.