The regiment “Azov” will not receive money from the United States

The budget of the United States to 2018 is forbidden to transfer weapons and spend money on training personnel “Azov”

In the budget of the United States in 2018, signed by President trump last week, has an inconspicuous article 8129. “Allocated in accordance with the law, funds may not be used for the transfer of arms, training or other assistance to the battalion “Azov”” – a unit of the National guard of Ukraine, which currently serves more than a thousand people.

The Congressman-Democrat Ro Khanna, who has spoken against granting Ukraine lethal weapons, commented, “the Present Time” the 8129, which prohibits the provision of military aid of “Azov”:

“The idea of white supremacist and neo-Nazism are unacceptable, they have no place in our world. I am pleased that the adopted budget will protect the United States from providing arms and training assistance to the neo-Nazi Azov battalion fighting in Ukraine. The state Department should exert pressure on Kiev to step back from this group and to investigate the question of whether it was given any American weapons or training maneuvers”.

At the shelf deny the charges.

“These charges against neo – Nazism and fascism is fueled by our enemy. We actually have a special forces unit of the National guard of Ukraine. I want to emphasise that we are a military unit, and no political ambitions, we do not have”, – said the Russian service “voice of America” the chief, G-1 Svyatoslav “Kalina” from the regiment “Azov”.

Ukrainian experts point out that the regiment really has a negative image.

“The image that they have – he’s not the best. Unfortunately, the symbols they used when I was a volunteer battalion, did not contribute to their positive perception of the West”, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of world politics Nicholas Beleskov.

The bills on the budget, which were accepted in the last three years by the House of representatives, contained a ban on the transfer of us aid, “Azov”, but it’s position every time were excluded before the adoption of the budget in the final version. In the regiment said that the division had not previously received assistance from the American government.

“We are not allowed to train with US units or instructors. We do not provide. We were not provided any assistance from the United States. Our weapons and equipment within Ukraine. What we have in production, what weapons have the National guard, that we get. Unfortunately, a single sample of the American weapons we have,” said Svyatoslav “Kalina”.

This contradicts information that was posted on the website of the “Azov”. The photographs, which were then removed from the site, you can see the grenade American production PSRL-1. Delivers them to the Ukrainian company from Texas AirTronic USA. However, in a press release from the company, the regiment “Azov” is not specified as the final recipient of the weapons.

In the regiment noted that the use of his soldiers American weapons is not true.

“Even if the regiment “Azov” and used them, it was commercial purchases that are not contrary to the intergovernmental agreements. If it’s a regiment of a special purpose, it must be a priori better armed than other divisions, and should be better prepared. The lack of assistance from the United States will not affect the combat capability of the regiment of special purpose”, – said Mykola Beleskov.

Recall that the United States provided assistance and training to the Ukrainian military fighting Pro-Russian separatists in 2014. More recently, this includes weapons. The adopted budget provides for the allocation 620,7 million dollars to assist Ukraine, including 420,7 million of the funds of the state Department intended for foreign transactions and $ 200 million from the funds of the Pentagon.