Team Mueller asks questions about the National Convention of the Republican party

The Congress has come to the attention of the investigation about the Russian intervention in elections

The team of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller asking witnesses about the events during the National Convention of the Republican party in 2016, told two close to the investigation source.

As noted by one anonymous source, Mueller interests associated with the Congress event, which was attended by Russian Ambassador to the United States, and Jeff sessions – the first Senator, who supported the candidacy of Donald trump, and later became the attorney General.

Team Mueller also asks the witnesses questions about how and why from the party platform has gone hostile in respect of Russia, the language that was initially contained in the section on Ukraine, said another source.

Trump, as a candidate from the Republican party following the Congress rejects the existence of any collusion with Russia during the election campaign.

Moscow denies the conclusions of U.S. intelligence about Russian intervention in the elections with the aim of helping Trump.