Shot in the back

The independent expert reported that police killed an unarmed African American shot in the back

The independent expert spoke about the results of the survey of the body of 22-year-old African American, shot by police in the Californian city of Sacramento.

Dr. Bennett Omalu said that … Stefanie Clark was killed eight times in the back and to the side. The wound in his side was presumably obtained when Clark was lying on the ground.

That contradicted statements by police officers who claim that they opened fire on Clark because he tried to attack them. The results of the official examination will be published in a few weeks.

The incident occurred March 18. Two police officers arrived on a call, they announced that someone was breaking car Windows and glass doors. Police released Clark 20 bullets. Weapon Clark was not.

Death Clark became the reason of mass protest actions in California. His funeral was attended by about 500 people.