The triumph of the attacks of Amazon in the payments of taxes

Mark Wilson

The president Trump has launched an attack on Amazon by saying that they pay little or no state or local taxes.

It also accuses him of “putting many thousands of retailers out of business”.

Mr Trump added in a tweetthat “they [sic] …to use our Postal System as a Delivery Boy (causing massive losses to the united states)”.

It follows a report in the news website of Axios Wednesday that said Mr. Trump wanted to “go after” from Amazon.

Amazon shares fell more than 4% on Wednesday.

End of the post to Twitter by @realDonaldTrump

However, the technology stocks, such as Twitter, Google and Facebook also fell at a sale of the stock of technology.

The Axios, stated: “Trump rich friends would say Amazon is the destruction of their business. Your real estate friends tell him – and he agrees – that Amazon is killing the malls and brick-and-mortar retailers.”

This is not the first time the President has criticized Amazon in the social media.

Last year in August, the President wrote on twitter: “Amazon is doing a great harm to the payment of taxes on retailers. Towns, cities and states are hurting – many of the jobs that are being lost!”

In the past the President has also taken aim at the Washington Post which is owned by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

The past year was put on twitter: “The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes known as the guardian of Amazon not paying taxes on the internet (that should be) is FALSE NEWS!”