In Kiev, the man celebrated birthday by firing gun

In the Shevchenko district of the capital, the man noting the birthday in a cafe started shooting pistol. It is reported by the Informant.

Passers-by heard cotton called the police, who arrived at the scene detained the brawler and withdrew his gun.

It turned out, the detained 40-summer Dmitry did a one shot up. Near the border found a shell casing.

In Police protection along with patrol were waiting for the investigative team, when the site of the incident ran the wife of the bully and began to drink his coffee, trying to persuade to go home.

Rowdy said that soon as I finish my coffee, beat the police. The man does not skimp on insults to law enforcement, and finishing his coffee tried to hit a policeman, after which he was immediately laid on the ground.

Later the incident came to the friends of the detainee. One of them could not decide what he he has. Presented to the brother, the godfather, and then turned out to be a tanker.

The bully is threatened by article 185 of the criminal code (willful disobedience) and punishment from a fine to 15 days of arrest.

Recall, March 13, in Odessa, a drunken man shot a gun at passers-by and cars from the window of his apartment.