“Fluoroscopy is a pseudoscience”. The Network has ridiculed the idea of the head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine

MOSCOW, 25 Mar — RIA Novosti. In social networks discuss the proposal of the acting Minister of health Uliana Suprun, replace “Soviet relic” — chest x — rays on the questionnaires.

“Fluoroscopy is an obsolete method of diagnosis of “Soviet health care system,” wrote Suprun informed on his page in Facebook. As a replacement, the Minister proposed to introduce “systematic screening among high-risk groups”.

Later, the Minister wrote a post dedicated to the world day to combat tuberculosis, repeating words about the “screening questionnaire” which, in her opinion, better than fluoroscopy, and reported that many TB patients stop to keep in hospitals.
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In the comments most of the users have criticized the initiative Suprun.

“You are now engaged in the destruction of long-term (standing) practices,” writes the TB specialist with more than 20-the summer experience Valery Kosovtsev.
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“I’d call it “decommunization in medicine.” And chest women should not check the form to be safer,” writes the former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko.

Andrey Manchuk reminded that such ideas are from the Ministry of health sound in the midst of a tuberculosis epidemic: “the country’s tuberculosis epidemic, which is out of control as a result of crisis and war…. Selfie with molfar is enough to determine the diagnosis, I think.”

Alexander Melamud compares the initiatives of the Ministry of health with the practices of the early Soviet ideological defamation “imperialist” science.

“In the dictionaries of the 30s-40s years of the last century, published in the Soviet Union, genetics was called pseudoscience, and later Cybernetics — the selling maid of imperialism. Fluoroscopy — pseudoscience, ambulance — the whore of communism. Long live Maidan!” — wrote Melamud.

“Doctors, patients, speak up now! Because soon we will Oncology to identify through the questionnaire” — called in turn Yury Andreev.
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The American edition of Politico in the summer of last year called Ukraine “tuberculous bomb” planted under Europe. The country now ranks second in Europe in terms of tuberculosis incidence based on number of patients per hundred thousand people.