Cocaine babe Melina Roberge pimped with strange men

COCAINE babe Melina Roberge, the youngest of the three Canadians in prison over the luxury cruise ship drug plot, is enhanced with his “sugar daddy” with strange men.

At the age of 22, the French Canadian was given money and gifts, and introduced by “my sugar daddy”, in Montreal night clubs for men, some of whom he has slept with.

“When we would attend the local clubs together and he would introduce me to some of his friends, and if I was interested, I’d like to spend time with these men,” Roberge said in court documents seen by

“Sometimes there would be intimacy, but not always. I would like to receive gifts from them or be taken to the restaurants.”

On some of the disco, trips with men, Roberge met fellow French-Canadian, porn star Isabelle Lagace.

Roberge earned $ 10,000 (about $16,000) in a work week as an escort for her sugar daddy, whose identity has been suppressed, but who ran an escort agency in Quebec, and is “known to the authorities.”

In Morocco, Roberge met with “the friends and colleagues of the sugar daddy” who tried to lure her in to make the international drug importation.

Melina Roberge was a jewelry salesman when he was recruited as an escort, and drug importer.

Cocaine girls Melina Roberge (left) and cohort, pornstar Isabelle Lagace on the cruise.

One of the cocaine filled luggage seized from the Sea Princess in August 2016. Photo: Jonathan Ng.

“[In] May 2016, who has offered me a trip in Morocco. Told me I could make money while you are on holiday.

“I went on the trip and has worked as an escort,” Roberge revealed in a statement tendered in the NSW District Court.

Roberge returned from Morocco with the equivalent of $16,000 from the week of work.

Weeks later, towards the end of June 2016, the “my sugar daddy has contacted me”.

“He explained that there was a cruise organized for a group of people depart in two weeks time on a round the world holiday.

“One of the cruise participants could not attend at the last minute and need a replacement.

“He [the sugar daddy] said that I would not have anything to do, just go and enjoy a vacation.”

The Sea Princess would be stopping in Bermuda, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile a Tahiti before landing in Sydney six weeks later.

Roberge was told that it would act as bait for the import of drugs and was encouraged “to take photos of myself in exotic places and post on Instagram to receive “I like it””.

Roberge was recruited by ‘my sugar daddy’.

22 years, she has worked as an escort.

Roberge was introduced for men at the night clubs in Montreal (above) and shower with gifts.

Roberge (left) and Lagace were encouraged to post photos on social media of the world on a cruise.

Roberge took two months off from his job as a sales Pandora jewelry, she said that she thought that it would be “one or two kg of the drug”, which accompanies her on the world cruise.

“Sugar daddy” was at the airport to bid farewell to an “enthusiastic” Roberge, together with the 29-year-old Isabelle Lagace and four men.

Flew in business class to Toronto, and then first class, to London, to climb on the luxury Sea Princess after its benefactor paid $22,000 cash for the half share a cabin with Lagace.

On board, Roberge stuck with Lagace, occasionally meeting the other five men on board for breakfast.

One of the men was Andre Tamine, 65-year-old French Canadian from the Montreal area.

The two young women saw two young men on board to eat and bask in the sun at the pool and obvious because all the other cruise passengers were “older”.

The young Italian men revealed Lagace and Roberge were part of the drug enterprise, and the four began to breakfast together.

When the ship stops in Peru, all the five males on board are involved in the drug loading made numerous trips back and forth leading Roberge believe that the cocaine had been picked up.

Melina Roberge on one of the exotic stops on a cruise around the Pacific.

Roberge believes that the 95kg of cocaine was taken when they landed in the port of Callao in the Peruvian capital, Lima.

After leaving New Zealand, and two days before arrival in the Port of Sydney, one of the young Italian men said the two women were told to leave the cabin for several hours.

It had to be Lagace work to walk a suitcase full of drugs through customs in Sydney.

On the morning of 28 August, 2016, the Australian Border Force officers and police boarded the Sea Princess and raided the cabins of Roberge and Lagace, and Tamine.

They found 95kg of cocaine wrapped in plastic and secreted in four suitcases.

In the cabin, Roberge, and Lagace, they found 29 kg of cocaine, 23.86 kg and 100 percent pure.

Placed under arrest and handcuffed, Roberge said, “I became hysterical … [I was] struggling to breathe.”

Roberge, Lagace and Tamine were charged jointly with the importation of a commercial quantity border controlled drug.

The charge carried a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a $1.35 m to the end.

The Canadian women have been transported to Surry Hills police cells, and then Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre in western Sydney.

Roberge has been reported at one point as “crying uncontrollably”. and would become “emotional” after the call with his mother back in Montreal.

Roberge with local soldiers on the beach, in one of the ports of the Sea Princess stopped in route to Sydney.

Packages of cocaine, much of it of the 100% pure drug, seized from two of the ship’s cabins. Image: Australian Border Force.

He started working as a sorter, packer and assembler for the airline headphones and was preparing to defend her drug charge, told by a Sydney lawyer has failed to win his case to trial.

But three months after their arrest, Isabelle Lagace, he pleaded guilty and last November has been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison.

As you are prepared to go to trial at the beginning of this year, Roberge and Tamine changed their pleas to guilty.

Tamine will be sentenced at the end of this year.

Roberge cried during a sentencing submission hearing on Wednesday, attended by his mother, Chantal Duguay, who told the court her daughter was “naive” about men.

In a hand-written letter to Judge Kate Traill, Roberge wrote that his first few weeks behind bars, “I was angry with the whole world.

“I was blaming everyone for what happened,” he wrote.

Roberge has now been transferred to Mary Wade Correctional Centre, a maximum security women’s prison, which opened in the western Sydney suburb of Lidcombe last year.

She wants to do a business administration course, while in prison, and his lawyer, Avni Djemal, has claimed that she will receive no more than a phrase that his medication cohort, Lagace.

Prison records entrusted to the sentencing hearing, he said that Roberge was “punctual and reliable” prison worker, and kept his cell clean and tidy”.

Judge Traill will deliver his sentence on Roberge at a later date.

A prison guard outside of the Mary Wade Correctional Centre, where Melina Roberge is currently in prison.

Roberge wants to study business, while he was in prison. Photos: Instagram.