Breakthrough of the dam near Kiev poisoned water from the landfill into the river

In Kiev region as a result of break of a dam in the village of tarasivka water from the lake with the filtrate, which is located next to a garbage dump, got into a tributary of the river Siverka, a tributary of the Dnieper.

It is reported by TSN.

“The villagers say that they live on the brink of disaster for several years, because for a long time struggled with a dump and still made it close in 2014, and now crap from a deep ravine in the spring of poison, along with the melting snow enters the soil and water“, – journalists report.

It is worth noting that last year the same situation has opened a criminal investigation, but the perpetrators are still not found. Now the locals are demanding that a dangerous object was proper care.

So, the dam needs to be rebuilt because it is smallish, and buy pumps. Otherwise every rise of water will respond to the new contamination and lead to environmental disaster.

“Guilty residents of the area believe svyatoshinsko production management utilities, which owns the landfill. To repair the dam, the people themselves raised money for the tractor and fuel, support from authorities and have not waited“, – stated in the story.

At the same time experts are assured that none of the dam will not save the ecological situation, because the dirt goes into the groundwater. To eliminate 1.5 million tons of garbage can only a powerful processing complex.

Recall, March 21, in Russia, in city Volokolamsk from school # 2 was admitted to hospital on 23 children, 16 had received medical assistance on the spot – children are poisoned EN masse because of hydrogen sulfide.