The Pentagon chief said the message of Putin

WASHINGTON, March 12 — RIA Novosti. In the message to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin stated desire to reduce tensions with NATO, said the Pentagon chief James Mattis.

“I watched President Putin’s speech, and, like many of us, I focused on the last third (about the new Russian armaments. — Approx. ed.). The first two thirds is clearly about domestic problems and <…> on the possibilities to reduce tensions between NATO countries, Western countries <…> and the Russian Federation”, — quotes the words of Mattis, the press service of the Pentagon.

The third part of the message, according to Mattis, disappointed him. Adopted, which introduced Putin, still being developed and not yet change the balance of forces, assured the head of the Pentagon.

“I paid for, so I have compiled a strategic assessment <…> I would say that he did not see any changes in the military potential of Russia, and to all systems which (Putin. — Approx. ed.) says, a few years,” said Mattis.

In the message, Putin presented the latest types of Russian weapons, which have no analogues in the world. This missile complex “Sarmat”, underwater drones, cruise missile with nuclear power, aircraft missile complex “Dagger”, laser and hypersonic weapons.

Later a group of senators, including former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders asked the Secretary-Rex Tillerson with a call to start a dialogue with Moscow to update the start-3 Treaty and transparency in the development of non-strategic nuclear weapons.