Polyakova complained to the public utilities do not address media

Famous Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova published a video in which she complains of the current roof, which has allegedly refused to repair the housing Department, citing a lack of money.

According to media reports, the house Polyakova is on the balance of the State administration subordinated directly to the President, and thus not included in the scope of responsibility of the city administration.

“I once again flowing roof. Who to contact: Klitschko, Poroshenko? Because the housing office does not work, nothing happens. Appeal to the housing office, send me to hell for 10 consecutive years, they have no money!“ – wrote the singer.

It should be noted that because the house is run Gosupravdelami, Polyakova would cost to send their complaints to the presidential Administration.

In his video, the actress also said that due to the current roof she has to constantly redo the repair.

“Every year I do this, and every year I get the same crap. This fungus, drips, all of it flowing. Look at the scale of it all. Once again – I did the repair. Let’s see what’s going on here. To make repairs in the apartment I need about 200 thousand dollars”, – said Olya Polyakova.

Also in the video, the singer allowed himself to be expressed obscenely to the address of Kiev.“Dear residents of my house, you good people, of course. You posted a message – take the machine to clean the snow. But your machines and are. So be prepared that today they will break because you pid*race,“ – said Polyakov.

She also went through the European aspirations of the citizens, choosing the word “Europe“ sounding, but rough rhymes.

Because you along with other condoms do like a collapse, because nobody is responsible for their actions. Neither one nor the. That is, I can’t clean the snow because some freaks have left their cars. And all this Esprit de corps. In Europe you want? In the ass you want. You don’t change at the head of his, you never expect,“ said the singer.

The statements Polyakova overreacted social network. Moreover, comments were generally strongly negative.